Terumo Cardiovascular Group

CAPIOX® Flexible Venous Reservoirs

Designed for excellent air handling and gentle blood flow.


  • Xcoating™ surface coating
  • Integrated screen for air removal
  • Minimizes blood damage with simple design
  • Available in three sizes
  • Non-DEHP material

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Capiox<sup>®</sup> Flexible Venous Reservoir

Capiox® Flexible Venous Reservoir

Catalog NumberDescriptionUnits/Case
CAPIOX® Flexible Venous Reservoirs
1CX*VRA0401T2Reservoir, 400 mL
Double luer port with detachable temperature probe
3CXFVR1500XFlexible Venous Reservoir, 1500 mL, with Xcoating™ surface coating5
3CXFVR1500XCFlexible Venous Reservoir , 1500 mL, with Xcoating™ surface coating and cardiotomy inlet5
816181Flexible venous reservoir holder, long arm1
816173Flexible venous reservoir holder, short arm1
816185Volume control grid1
1CX*BP021Thermistor wire, blue10
1CX*BP022Thermistor wire, red10